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Beware the Latest ‘Diet’ Fad: Artificial Sweeteners Fortified With Vitamins and Minerals

26 Feb 2019

Sounds great in theory, but don't fall for it - with or without their latest 'sensation.' While it adds a bit it subtracts hugely from your health, triggers an impending health disaster. Invites obesity, diabetes, metabolic and gut dysfunction, even heart attack and stroke. Is it worth the risk?

Research Reveals Shocking Information About Sucralose (Splenda) Side Effects

06 Feb 2019

It reduces gut bacteria by 50 percent (targeting the most important ones for human health), increases the pH level in your intestines and causes biochemical distortions. So why exactly is it given a gold star?

Artificial Sweeteners Are Toxic to Gut Bacteria, Study Reveals...

16 Oct 2018

A 25-year study found very moderate consumption of this is linked to a 65 percent higher likelihood of being overweight and a 41 percent increased likelihood of being obese. Awful for kids too. Now a new study shows it's toxic to your gut and sparks DNA mutations - a recipe for health ruin.

Reconfirmed: Artificial Sweeteners Make You Fat and Sick

08 May 2018

Many people turn to this option, thinking it will help them consume fewer calories, slim down and lower their risk of developing Type 2 diabetes. But researchers are now discovering that's not the case. Instead, they accumulate in your blood and can cause even more severe damage to your blood vessels.

New Study Shows Artificial Sweeteners Can Lead to Diabetes

03 Oct 2017

Yet another study has linked artificial sweeteners to impaired glucose response, suggesting they may play a role in Type 2 diabetes. It's time to spread the word that consuming artificial sweeteners impairs your body's response to glucose and can increase risk for obesity and other related health problems.

Aspartame: Decades of Science Point to Serious Health Consequences

29 Aug 2017

Accumulating evidence shows that consuming artificial sweeteners like aspartame may increase your risk of weight gain, diabetes, heart problems and more. Recent research also linked such sweeteners to disruptions of metabolism because the sweet taste your body perceives doesn't match up with the calories consumed.

This Common Food Ingredient Is 'Scary as Hell'

02 May 2017

A popular artificial sweetener consumed by millions of Americans regularly was approved for the market under suspicious circumstances and research continues to question claims of its safety. In fact, recent research has linked it to weight gain, metabolic dysfunction, type 2 diabetes, cancer and more.

Aspartame Use Surges in Children's Drinks

25 Jan 2017

A recent study came out with startling information: Not just adults, but around 25 percent of kids in the US say they regularly consume foods and drinks containing low-calorie sweeteners (LCS), such as aspartame, sucralose and saccharin. That’s a 200 percent increase in LCS consumption for children from 1999 to 2012. And that’s not all - you’ll even find aspartame in children’s medicine.

This Is How Aspartame Causes Obesity

06 Dec 2016

Decades of studies have shown consuming the artificial sweetener aspartame is associated with weight gain, not loss. Now new research shows how this synthetic substance may promote obesity via a surprising mechanism in your gut.

Leaked Podesta Emails Confirm Suspicions About Aspartame Dangers

09 Nov 2016

The risks range from increased cravings and dependence, thereby raising your chances of weight gain, to cardiovascular disease, stroke and Alzheimer's disease, so it would be in your best interest to steer clear from this 'diet' food. But the dangers don't stop there. Are you or someone you know still consuming it?