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How Artificial Sweeteners Confuse Your Body into Storing Fat and Inducing Diabetes

23 Dec 2014 | 326,456 Views

Yet it's heavily promoted to those that need the most help. Plus, it fools your metabolism into eating more sugar than ever, and makes you 65% more likely to become overweight and 41% more likely to become obese.

US Soda Makers Pledge 20 Percent Calorie Cut by 2025

08 Oct 2014 | 28,279 Views

Soda is the fourth largest source of calories in the US diet... even if they succeed, will soda makers' pledge to reduce calories make a difference?

10 Most Destructive Myths Typically Spread by Mainstream Nutritionists

16 Jul 2014 | 1,280,149 Views

They're not grounded in science and some are so outright hazardous they can steer you towards premature death. By going against this myth your mother probably told you, you'll gain a powerful weapon against brain cell changes, inflammation, and more.

The Food Lab: The Hard Truth About Boiled Eggs

07 Jun 2014 | 235,404 Views

Are you a fan of hard-boiled eggs? Here are nine little-known tricks for creating the perfect hard-cooked egg.

Safer and Healthier Alternatives to Root Canals and Other Common, Yet Harmful, Tooth Restoration Techniques

03 May 2014 | 427,260 Views

Hardly anyone hesitates to invite these hidden microbes in to attack on multiple levels, create disease, and derail your health. Respected professionals may even deny their existence. Meanwhile, your body can waste away faster than you ever anticipated.

The Aspartame End Game... And What’s Next

16 Apr 2014 | 417,303 Views

This massive study of 60,000 post-menopausal women for 10 years shows frightening risks of consuming this popular staple. Two or more servings a day increased heart attack and stroke risk 30% and dying from a related disease by 50%. Are you still consuming it?

Science Review Reveals Laundry List of Health Hazards Associated with Splenda Consumption

18 Dec 2013 | 452,588 Views

It's not so safe for cooking after all - and nearly just as bad unheated. This popular sweetener that many people swapped for aspartame can ravage up to 50% of your good gut bacteria and cause seizures, migraines, and even blood sugar spikes and weight gain.

Artificial Sweeteners Gaining Increasingly Bad Press—and for Good Reason

23 Oct 2013 | 270,048 Views

It might be recommended by public health agencies and nutritionists, but they're wrong. Overwhelming evidence proves it actually promotes weight gain, and is linked to a higher risk of diabetes, headaches, vision problems, high blood pressure, and heart disease...

Sugar Substitutes—What’s Safe and What’s Not

07 Oct 2013 | 524,860 Views

Did you know that many artificial sweeteners trick your body into gaining weight and storing flab, the exact opposite of what you expect? Instead, try one of these great-tasting plant sweeteners, but watch out for this marketing campaign touting one that might not be safe...

Coca-Cola’s Continued Efforts at Damage Control—New Ad Campaign Defends Aspartame

28 Aug 2013 | 638,406 Views

How can this wildly popular company spend millions to push a product that's been shown in HUNDREDS of studies to be harmful? Even though it's been found to cause cancers like leukemia, lymphoma, and other tumors, they insist it's safe for slimming down...


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