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U.S. Soda Consumption Falls to 30-Year Low

13 Apr 2016 | 22,753 Views

Annual per capita consumption of soft drinks is at its lowest rate since 1985. Americans are wisening up to the health risks of soda, leaving the industry scrambling for new ways to increase profits.

Artificial Sweeteners Cause Cancer

30 Mar 2016 | 61,694 Views

If you use artificial sweeteners, including sucralose (Splenda), you'll want to read up on this newly published study. It linked Splenda to an increased risk of cancer, including a significantly higher risk of leukemia.

Aspartame and Shame

12 Jan 2016 | 72,951 Views

Major corporations like PepsiCo are beginning to take the artificial sweetener aspartame out of their products in response to consumer demand. What does the science say about how consuming aspartame could be harming your health?

Aspartame Update: Coke Illegally Claims Diet Soda Can Combat Obesity, and Researchers Propose Autism Link

22 Jul 2015 | 267,191 Views

Not only does it encourage sugar cravings and sugar dependence, increasing your odds of weight gain - it can also have serious repercussions on your brain function. Be careful...

Aspartame: Could This Headache Causing Neurotoxin Be on Its Way Out?

14 May 2015 | 271,741 Views

It's a warning call to those who fall for this deceptive marketing ploy to win back profits. As US Right to Know describes it: "Like rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic," this switch will bring along its own Pandora's box, including the ability to cause weight gain and diabetes.

Coca-Cola and PepsiCo Agree to Remove Flame Retardant Chemical from Their Products

22 Apr 2015 | 367,595 Views

The US has refused to ban it (it's been pending safety studies for the last 44 years). Blamed for memory loss, nerve problems, damaged thyroids, infertility, and cancer, it's in more products than you can imagine. Don't wait, get it out of your life now.

How Artificial Sweeteners Confuse Your Body into Storing Fat and Inducing Diabetes

23 Dec 2014 | 466,487 Views

Yet it's heavily promoted to those that need the most help. Plus, it fools your metabolism into eating more sugar than ever, and makes you 65% more likely to become overweight and 41% more likely to become obese.

US Soda Makers Pledge 20 Percent Calorie Cut by 2025

08 Oct 2014 | 38,261 Views

Soda is the fourth largest source of calories in the US diet... even if they succeed, will soda makers' pledge to reduce calories make a difference?

10 Most Destructive Myths Typically Spread by Mainstream Nutritionists

16 Jul 2014 | 1,522,321 Views

They're not grounded in science and some are so outright hazardous they can steer you towards premature death. By going against this myth your mother probably told you, you'll gain a powerful weapon against brain cell changes, inflammation, and more.

The Food Lab: The Hard Truth About Boiled Eggs

07 Jun 2014 | 386,472 Views

Are you a fan of hard-boiled eggs? Here are nine little-known tricks for creating the perfect hard-cooked egg.


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